is now a good time to buy a home jacksonville fl

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home?

February 2, 2022

One question we are constantly asked is, “Is now a good time to buy?” If you’re watching the news or on social media at all, you’ll hear the term, “a crazy real estate market.” In this blog, we explain the market and answer that important questions.

what lenders look for when buying a house

The 3 Thing Loan Officers Look For When You’re Buying A Home

January 26, 2022

Preparation is key in the home buying process so it’s never too early to start the conversation about securing a loan. In this blog, we discuss the three key things a loan officer will look at when you’re buying a home. 

homestead exemption in florida

The Benefits of Filing For Homestead Exemption In Florida

January 5, 2022

One of the biggest benefits of buying a home in Florida is filing for homestead exemption. In this blog, we examine the benefits as well as the process of filing for homestead exemption.

buying a home in jacksonville fl

Home Buying Tips for Military Families Moving to Jacksonville

December 8, 2021

We are honored to have helped so many military families with their real estate needs. In this blog, we share three important home buying tips for military families moving to Jacksonville.

rent or sell home jacksonville fl

To Rent or To Sell in Jacksonville, FL After PCS Orders

December 1, 2021

It’s a situation all too familiar for military families. One day you’re all settled into your life and the next you get PCS orders and must move quickly out of the area. If you own a home, what should you do? Rent or sell?

Relocation Incentive Program Hover Girl Properties

Hover Girl Properties Thanks You for Your Service

November 24, 2021

We are so proud of what our community helpers do and we wanted to find a way to honor them. So, we developed our Relocation Incentive Program as a way to give back to the community while also thanking our clients for choosing us.