Maddy Martinez

Maddy Martinez


Born and raised in the outskirts of London, England, Maddy has always had a huge passion for property, development, home buying and selling. When her parents decided to move to the USA, she had just graduated University with a Bachelors in Property Development & Planning, so she took the leap and moved with them, to the beautiful state of Georgia. It was from then that she met her husband, Jose, who is in the US Navy. Before moving to Jacksonville, they lived on the beautiful Whidbey Island in WA State.

They have two beautiful Doberman's, Jack & Queenie, who they call their 'children', but it is their hope to have a family in the very near future, now that they are settled in Jacksonville!

Since moving to Jacksonville, Maddy and her husband have tried to explore as much as they possibly can, and make the most of this beautiful part of Florida. Whether it's riding their bikes along the beach, renting a boat for the day and exploring the inter-coastal, or driving to St. Augustine to explore all of its beauty, they simply love it here...and they hope that you do, too!

It is Maddy's ambition to serve you in the same way she has  served all her past clients... and hopefully by knowing her a little better, you can feel confident going through this amazing experience with Maddy, as your trusted Real Estate Agent.

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