Lori Lascell

Lori Lascell

Transaction Coordinator

Lori is joining the team as a transaction coordinator for Lara and Joy. She is a native Floridian, but has traveled all over the world with her family and is very happy to be finally back "home". Lori is a retired elementary ed teacher with 20 years of experience in about 8 school districts. She and her family are very familiar with our company as she was an original, day one, Hover Girl customer on the rental side when we managed her home while her family was stationed in Singapore. She came full circle when Hover Girls helped her family purchase their current home. She brings with her a wealth of real estate and "mobility" experience from her living and moving all around the world. Lori has a keen eye for detail and organization and has wonderful time management skills. In her free-time, she enjoys exercising, the beach, and hanging out with her children, husband and their 105lb goldendoodle, Seamus.

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