Where To Buy In Jacksonville, FL

In this blog, Hover Girl Properties co-founders Joy Doyle and Lara Yehl along with Hover Girl Properties realtor Molly Evans discuss some of the most popular neighborhoods in Jacksonville to buy a home. Jacksonville is really diverse and there are a lot of different areas where you can live. Here are some recommendations based on your priorities.


If you’re looking to walk to get pizza, coffee, buy groceries, etc., then look no further than Atlantic Beach, Riverside, or San Marco.

Wide Open Spaces

If you’re looking for wide open space, be sure to check out Clay County, Nassau County, and St. John’s County.


If you prefer a lot of amenities and a more all-inclusive community, you can look at Nocatee which is known for its dog parks, water parks, walking trails, etc. Clay County also has some great spots, as well as Nassau County with Wildlight and Tributary. These neighborhoods all have their own playgrounds, pools, and provide a different vibe than being out in the country or at the beaches.

So, while Jacksonville is the largest land size city in the US, there are a lot of little pockets to help you make a large city feel a lot smaller. Do your research, talk with your realtor, talk to friends, and find the area that is best for you and your family.