Property Management Myths

As a homeowner, one of your most valuable assets is your home. So finding a property management company that values your time, money, and concerns is vitally important to confidently rent out your home.

We can’t speak for all property management companies, but based off the policies and procedures here at Hover Girl Properties, here are FIVE myths about property management – debunked!

The property management company makes the final call on who will rent the home.

  • False.
    • The owner ultimately makes the final decision on who will be living in their home. However, we use a third party resource to screen tenants on both their credit and criminal backgrounds. Based on this, we give professional opinions to the owners on what we believe the best case scenario would be for them individually. From there, the owner can accept or reject the tenant that has been screened.

We profit off of service calls.

  • False.
    • Here is a scenario: Jim, a homeowner, receives a call from his Service Manager informing him that the tenant reported the A/C unit to have stopped working. His Service Manager then contacts and coordinates a visit from an A/C Company to repair the unit. The Service Manager informs Jim that the A/C company is charging $100.00 for the work. Jim agrees to the work, and the $100.00 will then be deducted from the seller’s monthly proceeds. The A/C company receives the entire $100.00.

    • We do not upcharge a vendor’s bill, or receive a percentage of the compensation. However, we do have “preferred vendors” that are licensed and insured, and have proven to perform quality work. A homeowner is of course not required to use these vendors, but are usually more than satisfied with the level of customer service with which they are provided.

You will hear an automated answering service when you call.

  • False.
    • In fact, quite the opposite is true. We have a dedicated Property Management department that is readily available to address any concerns you may have. One unique characteristic here at Hover Girl Properties is that we have a specific Service Department, with Service Managers that owners and tenants may directly contact to coordinate all service items.

Owners are not entitled to home inspections unless they pay an additional fee. 

  • False.
    • There is not an additional fee for sellers to perform a home inspection; this is included in the management fee. Your property manager will perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection with photos every 6 months. In addition, owners may also contact their property manager at any time to coordinate an inspection.