3 Tips For Military Renters


When you’re renting a property, it’s really important for you, as a tenant, to understand your rights and understand what you’re getting into when you sign a lease agreement. So we spoke with attorney Robert Jameson to discuss three things members of the military need to know before signing a lease agreement.

Be Aware Of Your Rights Through The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. 

If you’re not already, make sure you’re familiar with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. It allows you to terminate your lease agreement in certain circumstances, including a deployment or permanent change of station (PCS orders). However, we urge you not to forge your orders simply to get out of a lease agreement. 

Rent Through A Reputable Property Management Company.

Make sure you’re renting through a reputable property management company. Things will happen. Your dishwasher will start leaking, a pipe will burst, your AC will go out, etc. It’s part of life. As an active duty servicemember, you’re incredibly busy with your duties so you want someone in your corner who will help you take care of your property.

Utilize Navy Legal Counsel When Needed.

As an active duty service member or a reservist, you are able to seek Navy legal counsel for free at Naval Station Mayport, NAS Jacksonville, or Kings Bay. So if there is an issue between you and your landlord, we encourage you to seek legal counsel. Most of the time these things can be very easily fixed with a simple letter, but those resources are made available to you so we encourage you to use them.

Perks of Using Hover Girl Properties to help navigate your Military housing needs

Using a realtor who specializes in military housing can offer several benefits for military personnel:

  1. Understanding of Military Lifestyle: Realtors specializing in military housing are familiar with the unique needs and challenges of military families, including frequent relocations, deployment schedules, and housing allowances. They can provide tailored advice and assistance to help military personnel find suitable housing solutions that accommodate their lifestyle.

  2. Knowledge of Military Installations: Military-focused realtors often have extensive knowledge of the areas surrounding military installations, including housing options, neighborhoods, schools, and amenities. They can help military families identify neighborhoods that meet their preferences and are convenient to their base or installation.

  3. Expertise in Military Relocation: Military-focused realtors understand the intricacies of military relocation processes, including PCS (Permanent Change of Station) moves, housing allowances, and entitlements under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). They can guide military personnel through the relocation process and help them navigate the complexities of finding and securing housing in a new location.

  4. Access to Military-Friendly Listings: Realtors specializing in military housing often have access to listings that cater specifically to military families, including properties near military installations, with military-friendly landlords, or offering special incentives or discounts for military tenants.

  5. Assistance with Military Clauses: Military-focused realtors are familiar with military clauses in rental agreements, such as lease termination provisions for deployments or PCS moves. They can help military tenants negotiate lease terms that offer flexibility and protection in case of military-related circumstances.

  6. Connections with Military Community: Realtors specializing in military housing often have strong connections within the military community, including base housing offices, relocation assistance programs, and support organizations. They can leverage these connections to provide additional resources and support to military clients throughout the housing process.

  7. Advocacy for Military Clients: Military-focused realtors understand the sacrifices and challenges faced by military families and are committed to advocating for their interests and ensuring they find housing solutions that meet their needs. They can serve as trusted advisors and advocates for military clients throughout the home buying or rental process.

Overall, using a realtor who specializes in military housing can provide valuable expertise, support, and advocacy for military personnel and their families, making the relocation process smoother and helping them find housing solutions that fit their unique circumstances and preferences.