3 Low-Budget Ways to Maximize Your Rental Property

Replace carpet with solid surface floors

  1. Everyone has heard nightmare stories about tenants destroying carpets. But wood flooring and wood tile flooring call for deep pockets! Our solution? Vinyl plank floors. These floors are extremely durable, but still have that desired wood-look. Another huge plus is that they are installed as individual planks, so if one or two get damaged, you can replace only those planks vs. the entire floor. As far as price, you are looking at the same price point as wood laminate flooring.

Neutral Colors Throughout

  1. Have you ever walked into a home and been distracted by the paint colors? This is what you want to avoid when trying to rent out your home. Prior to tenants moving in, if you paint your home a nice, neutral color throughout, you can likely go through 2 sets of tenants without having to think about it again.
    1. We also recommend providing your tenants with the paint color and a small quart of paint, so they are able to patch any areas that need it along the way.
    2. Agent Recommendation on Paint Color: Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore or Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams

Low Maintenance Landscaping

    1. Its no secret that a home’s exterior is important in capturing the right tenant’s attention! As an owner, you want great curb appeal that will be low-maintenance for your tenants.
      • Agent tips: Crotons are a very low maintenance plant that still gives great color! Also, if you add fresh mulch to your beds in between tenants, your landscaping will remain looking fresh and new.

Every property is unique, and Hover Girl Properties is devoted to finding you the best ways to keep your property in great shape and well-maintained. We would love to hear some of your own tips and tricks to making the most of your rental property! If you’d like to share, leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!